Road Raging - Top Tips for Wrecking Roadbuilding

Chapter 17: Useful Resources


If contact details aren't included, see Chapter xx.  If they aren't there,

then we don't know them.

ALARM UK Briefing Sheets

Covering all aspects of anti-road campaigning - eg. Stopping the Bulldozers:

A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Against


"Animals Contacts Directory"

Lots of contacts available on disk and paper.  Available from Veggies.

"Autogeddon" by Heathcote Williams.

Anti-car poem published by Jonathon Cape.

"Basic Law for Road Protesters" by Peter Gray.

Know their law and you have an extra weapon.  Available at; or tel : 01795 890162; e-mail:

"The Book"

This is an essential networking tool, the "yellow pages" of action groups.

Send £4 payable to Justice? (Brighton)

"Britain's Media: how they are related"

This book describes the multinational media world.  ISBN 1898240-04-3.

"Campaigners Guide to EC Environmental Law" by Richard MacCrory.

Available from CPRE (Publications department, tel : 0171 976 6433).

"The Campaigning Handbook" by Mark Lattimer.

Covers a wide range of campaigning ideas.  Available from Directory of

Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London NW1

2DP; tel : 0171 209 5151

"The Campfire Tapes: tales from the front-line '94-'97"  is a 30 minute

video, edited to be the best of Conscious Cinema 1-

4.  This exciting, short video costs £5.  Send your money to Conscious Cinema.

"Corporate Watch"

Get informed about those wicked companies from this entertaing and

informative magazine.

"Critical Mass : How To"

Guide about how to make Critical Mass bike rides happen successfully.

Available from GRIP, 41 Sutter St, #1829, San

Francisco, CA 94104, USA.  (It may also be available from Cyclists Have A

Right to Move (CHARM), PO Box 3738,

London, E8 2BA).


Newsletter focused on exposing Shell and the Nigerian governments abhorrent

activities in Ogoniland.

"Do or Die"

A voice from Earth First! Essential reading; send a £2 postal order to Dead

Trees EF!

"Direct Action Direct!"

Rabble rousing eco-direct action pamphlet available from Box A, Public House

Book shop, Little Preston St, Brighton,

East Sussex, BN1 2HQ.

"Directory of Grant Making Trusts"

Lists of potential funding bodies, tone down "political campaigns" when

applying.  Available from Charities Aid

Foundation, 48 Pembury Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2JD.

"Earth First! Action Update"

Monthly action round-up, an inspiring read.

"Earthforce! An Earthwarriors guide to strategy" by Paul Watson.

Hierarchical and macho but with a few good ideas.  Chaco Press


"Ecodefense" by Dave Foreman.

Info on Creative mechanics, machinery recycling and dealing safely with

guard dogs etc.  Available from radical book


"Fighting Road Schemes"

A Friends of the Earth Guide.


Regularly updated computer software package available from 65 Raglan Road,

Leeds, LS2 9DZ.

"Guide to major Trusts", "Environmental Grants" and "Raising money from trusts"

Published by Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2DP;

tel : 0171 209 5151.

"Housmans' World Peace Directory"

Contact list of over 1900 groups from all around the globe.  Housmans Peace

Resource Project, 5 Caledonian Road,

London, N1;  tel : 0171 278 4474; fax : 0171 278 0444; e-mail :

"How to Defend Yourself in Court" by Michael Randle.

Available for £4.99 (+ 10% p+p) payable to Civil Liberties Trust, 21 Tabard

St, London, SE1 4LA.

"The Law"

Interesting newspaper produced by the Independent News Collective, funny and

informative.  Available from PO Box 3878,

London SW12 9ZE; tel: 0181 673 0062; fax: 0181 627 5803

"Low Impact Development" by Simon Fairlie.

The British planning system from the bottom up - from the point of view of

the planned rather than of the planner.

Essential reading for anyone taking on the Planners!  Available from J.C.

Publishing, The Spendlove Centre, Charlbury,

Oxon OX7 3PQ.

"Ozymandias Sabotage Handbook"

A practical guide to creative mechanics.  Use a search engine to find it on

the World Wide Web.


DIY Culture magazine, looking into exciting aspects of "alternative"

politics.  Send cheque or postal order for £2.50

(please leave "payable to" line blank) to Pod HQ, PO Box 23, London SE4 1SW.

"The Shareholder Action Handbook" by Craig Mackenzie.

Describes Company Law, buying shares, some tactics for NVDA actions at AGM's

etc.  Published by New Consumer Ltd,

52 Elswick Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 6JH.  ISBN 1 897806 00 0.

"Simple in means, Rich in ends" by Bill Devall.

Deep ecology book.  Quite heavy going but worth the effort.

"Squatters Handbook"

Available for £1 from ASS.

The "SchNEWS Reader"

Issues  0-50 of SchNEWS and 60 pages of wicked cartoons.  A modern

historical document about people on the ground (or

up a tree!)  Send £2.99 payable to Justice? (Brighton).

The "SchNEWS Round"

Issues 51-100 of SchNEWS. Send £5 payable to Justice? (Brighton).


Wide ranging and in-depth look at issues and actions happening now.  Very

readable and informative.

"Transport trends and transport policies : myths and facts"

Useful statistics available from Transport 2000.

"Twyford Down: Roads, Campaigning and Environmental Law" - Barbara Bryant.

Published by Chapman Hall.

"Undercurrents 1,2,3,4,5,6..."

Video magazine of grassroots non-violent direct action available for

£7.49(un-waged) / £10.49 (waged).

This book is now out of print. You might be able to get a copy from a UK library by ordering on the inter-library loans scheme.

Road Alert!